HELLO! My name is Christie and I love people.

  • As I say, I love people. Their connection together and making memories
  • I'm a organic-crunchy foodie - what I eat matters.
  • I love to sit on the beach and watch people (as I stated, I adore people!)
  • My weakness is chocolate macs, long walks and strawberry milk with donuts.
  • I love everything about COLOR! Flowers, trees, skies, ocean, mountains, a bright yellow sun
  • That is my family up there, yes 5 children keep me hopping! They are my life and joy and take up a great deal of my time.
  • I bring an assistant to help during sessions.
  • I take limited sessions per month as my life is super BUSY!

Life is simple and family is important. Documenting life's moments for others is my hearts content and happy thought.

I love what I do and it shows.