Did you know that there are lots of rules and regulations for being able to have a legal photography business in Hawaii? YES! There are indeed.

First, you must have a state license to operate as a legal business owner. Second, you must have the correct permits to be able to photograph anyone or anything in places that require such (like parks and beaches). THEN third, you must have proper insurance to cover at least 1 million dollars in coverage for liability and personal property.

Be careful who you hire here on the island and make sure they have the proper things in order to photograph you, lawsuits can get nasty and people in residential areas are always watching their beaches! You never know who's patrolling. When in doubt ask for verification and proof before your session.

Rest assured, Aloha, Light! Photography has everything you need to rest easy and know that we are not a fly by night business and are truly legit in that we have a state business license and insurance to operate in this state. I am happy to show these items during our first meet-up prior to your session as I carry them with me to every photo session.